• Biochemical changes

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Revitalizes body cells 

  • Awakens the limitless hidden knowledge of the body's intelligence

  • Improving functioning of nervous system and endocrine system

  • Improves respiration and flow of vital energy



  •  Improves mental balance

  •  Increases memory, concentration and   decision power

  •  Develops patience and tolerance power

  •  Enhances will power and builds self confidence



  •  A greater understanding of self

  • Removal of psychological distortions (depression & anxiety)



  • Change of attitudes and habits.

  • Increases working efficiency, creativity, detachment and good qualities

"My first breakthrough at the center was with Salma and was out of this world (!) and she has literally changed my life! I knew I was a strong woman before, but Salma has broadened and healed my universe- mind, body and soul- and for this I am shedding some tears as I write this. So so grateful. I truly believe that ANYTHING can be healed with her guidance, sensitivity, and wisdom. She has given me more than meditation tools to carry me through life. Love you Salma!"  


“To recap my sessions so far with Salma, I have gone from being a crying,fearful, anxiety-ridden mess to one who is more tranquil and trusting of myself. I was an anxious OVER-thinker before. This particular therapy and meditation has brought me more freedom and my appetite has improved. Physically I am better able to relax and notice how my muscles were tense before. I am hoping to experience more physical and mental healing because as a cancer survivor we always wait or wonder if it will return. But I am so looking forward to getting to that place where I can learn more about self healing with this unique therapy and meditation techniques. My goal is to be able to stop all my meds!!"


"My experience doing Preksha therapy with Salma has been life changing. I’ve been a yoga teacher and meditator for almost 20 years and knew that I was close to realizing the freedom that I was seeking, but couldn’t seem to reach. Being diagnosed with breast cancer put me in a space of everything unknown and forced me to live hour to hour. I was doing everything to cleanse the body, but I still was in extreme pain. After the second session, I was able to trust and focus on Salma’s guidance with less physical pain. This is truly powerful work to bring us back to our healthiest self" 


Salma Schempp

Stress Management & Meditation Therapist

Salma studied and trained at the International Preksha Meditation Center in New Delhi, India, JFK University, as well as the International Coach Federation. 


From 2004-2014, Salma also served as the founder and director of the Alternative & Holistic Health Center in Walnut Creek and Fremont California.


As founding director, she successfully coordinated numerous events targeting holistic and wellness communities and taught mindfulness & meditation therapy.

"Salma's sessions have helped me in many different kinds of life situations.  I have a better understanding about the mind, body and "something else;" For the time being I will call it "my other self."  So far I have realized that I feel more awake and aware of myself and my surroundings. Through her breath work I also learned how to control the pain and  symptoms related to my peripheral neuropathy. Salma's sessions have helped me to become calmer and even a better person. I feel more centered and therefore much stronger and more stable." 


"Salma, I wanted to thank you so much and tell you how much you have helped me snap out of where I was!! At my last visit I felt like you woke me up from a nightmare. Thank you for your patience, wisdom, knowledge and guidance. I am so ready to change and receive." 

“When I first met Salma I was at a crossed road with my personal relationship in life with my ex fiancee at the time. It was so demanding that I lost myself. When I started learning about the importance of Preksha therapy and the real meaning of meditation. Through my sessions with her I started to slowly gain myself back. It wasn't until then when I found out I was stuck in life. Working on the steps of understanding “Self” from a different perspective helped shift my mind. I realized that I am enough and my best self has increased a lot. I was running around saving others but it was me that needed to be saved. Salma, you are my blessed savior. Without you I could not have grown" 


"Love  going to the center. The most life changing person for me is Salma. She is a master of Preksha therapy & mediation here. I could not have grown without her! If you are interested in being your best self and changing, you need to make a trip to the center to see her. The basic art of breathing and her therapy has helped me see and feel things I did not see before.”

Through one-on-one conscious coaching & Preksha therapy, Salma Schempp's mission is to guide patients through a new sense of healing and self-understanding.

She teaches a unique holistic approach to manage stress, anxiety, and depression through a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Mind, Body and Soul, the importance of their relationship and the synchronization of the three layer “beings” that we were born to be.


  • A highly effective deep relaxing stress relieving practice

  • Awakens the limitless hidden knowledge of the body's intelligence

  • Turns the body into a powerhouse of energy with enriched immune system & vital energy

  • Enhances mental abilities, concentration, willpower & creativity

  • A greater understanding of self

Salma is available for in-person and phone sessions by appointment only. 


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