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“I’ve been coming to the wellness center to get my IV’s for my ocular melanoma cancer, MS & Lupus (autoimmune disorders). Erin is so sweet & gentle with all she does. Very bubbly, happy & performs her job very well. I, on the other hand, have terrible tiny, almost invisible veins and even so, she still finds a way to be able to get the IV in, even if I have to get poked and such several times because of my veins. I appreciate how calm she stays during all of this. She’s always saying she is so sorry, but here we go! I’m happy to keep coming to the clinic to get my treatments with Erin.”


"It was an amazing experience and very helpful... Overall, the meditation session with Salma has helped me to become calmer and even a better person. I realized I feel awakened and much more aware of my surroundings and myself. I learned how to try to control the pain related to my peripheral neuropathy symptoms. In the last session I was able to 'leave' my body and look at myself from above.

Now I try to be more of an observer and not get involved in any situation that might cause stress, irritation, anger, dissatisfaction, etc. I feel more centered and therefore much more stronger and stable.”

“Sharing the experience from our last session: When you said to feel the love I have for myself I saw again a light coming out of my heart and going down my body. With every session we have I am getting more and more familiar with myself and therefore be able to better control my emotions and stay focused on the really important things in life. Overall I am much more calm and peaceful and also more of an observer and not a participant in unpleasant situations. Therefore I would say I slowly became wiser, which makes me feel stronger and even less fearful." 

"Finally I sat down to write a few words about how I feel since our sessions.  First of all I want to thank you for our last meeting,  it helped me understand so much and all you're saying makes so much sense.  I am so grateful that I met you. In the beginning, just from curiosity, then it transformed in relaxing and pleasure, and now understanding all the little changes i feel and see in myself. There is nothing drastic or anything dramatic,  but I feel more calm. I don't judge that much. I try to understand any wrong doing, and  just take more time to see things more prospectively. Bad things happened to everyone in this life and now after all these meetings I see most of the things, people and everything else differently,  don't feel sorry for myself and try to concentrate more on my well-being than resolving some unsuccessful causes.  As you said  i was well aware of my body and my mind but totally unaware of my soul.  I still don't completely know it or understand it but hopefully with your help I will get there.  Thanks for everything.” 

"I experienced something totally different from the previous session. 

I felt more conscious, but at some point at the middle of it I felt like my head is a little bit tingled and like it has no connection with my body.  I didn't feel my neck at all. Also when all that occurred I had like a vision,  I've seen like gravel and a light,  it was beautiful like i am on the moon or something,  it was calm and nice experience.  I don't how else to describe it. Thank you, Salma."

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